Unlimited Broadband

At Pure Telecom, we provide a nationwide uncongested Broadband service. This allows us to deliver the fastest broadband speeds available in your area and we offer every single customer UNLIMITED usage. Surf, game and stream away knowing your monthly bill will always be the same.

We can provide UNLIMITED Fibre Broadband with speeds of up to 100Mb’s to over 1,300,000 homes throughout Ireland. If you require Fibre Broadband but it is not currently available in your area, try our uncongested Next Generation Broadband (NGB) service and we’ll upgrade you to Fibre when it does arrive…for FREE! Call today for a quote 1800 844 023.

Broadband is the name given to the fastest internet connection available on the market right now. Far faster than the old dial-up tech, broadband allows you to download or watch anything at a rapid speed. You can now get superfast fibre optic broadband and reach speeds over five times faster than a regular connection! At Pure Telecom, we offer a wide range of broadband options and packages including deals on unlimited broadband.

Broadband Speed

Broadband speed can vary massively depending on location, availability and signal strength. Typically, broadband speed is faster in urban areas and major cities. In rural locations and small towns, it tends to be significantly lower. However, that is rapidly changing as fibre optic broadband is rolled out to all areas in Ireland. The process has already begun and is due to be fully completed by 2020.

Broadband speed can range from 16 to 100Mbps. At 16Mbps users will notice lag times when playing games and slower download speeds watching media online. Even a TV streaming site will be difficult to run on a connection like this. If you have fibre optic broadband, you will be able to reach speeds beyond 30Mbps. 100Mbps is the top speed that you can currently get by using fibre optic broadband. However, this is still quite rare on the market and will only be available in selected areas.

You can use our coverage checker to find out what speeds will be available in your location and the packages that we offer. You may find that your location is already fibre optic ready. If that’s the case, you can look forward to one of the fastest broadband connections on the market.

Why Unlimited

There are a couple of advantages to opting for an unlimited broadband package. If you have a higher internet speed, you will be able to download far more a lot faster. In just seconds, you could download GBs of music, movies and other forms of media. On the fastest connection speed, you could go over your data limit every day. This will drive the cost of your internet up to a price that you were not prepared for. With unlimited fibre broadband, your bill will be fixed, and you will always know what you need to pay each month.

You can enjoy the fastest internet speeds without worrying how much it costs you. That’s one less headache that you’ll need to deal with at the end of the month.

What’s The Best Broadband Package

At Pure Telecom, we put the choice of what broadband package you want in your hands. You can find all our broadband deals on this website or talk to an advisor. Due to a wide variety of options, you can pick the solution that suits your lifestyle the best. You can even get broadband without landline rental if you never use your phone. If you speak to one of our experts, they’ll explain the speeds you can get in your area. They can also help you pick the most suitable package. As a trusted broadband provider, we can make sure you get everything you need from your connection.